Saturday, January 1, 2011

Creating Glass Shatter Effect using Maya nCloth

Creating Glass Shatter Effect using Maya nCloth
In this tutorial will explore using Maya ncloth to create Glass Shattering Effect.

Step : 1 - Let’s start by creating a polygonal plane with the default setting
Step : 2 - Using the cut face tool cut the plane randomly,
Depending on the chunks you need…something like this
Step : 3 - Select the Plane , Polygon -->Mesh -->Triangulate
Next, select all the Edges & detach component, Edit Mesh -->Detach Component.
With this all the vertex / edges will be spiltted
Step : 4 - Select the Plane and make it a nCloth Mesh. Then,
nDynamics --> nMesh --> Create nCloth
by doing, nclothShape node and nucleus node will be created for the Plane.
In the nucleus node, set the gravity value to '0'.
Step 5 : - Extrude the plane by selecting all the face, to make it thicker like a glass material
Step :6 - Create a Sphere and make it a Passive Collider
Next Translate in Y : 1 and set a Key at frame 1
At frame 24 set key to Translate Y : -1
Now the sphere is animated in Y direction.
Before playing the animation ,select both the objects , create New ncache
Ncache --> create New ncache
That’s it…
Play the animation…use mental ray dielectric Material as a glass shader….
Final Output :

- Azhagu Raj Pandian